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The call of the wild - step into nature's playground!

The call of the wild - step into nature's playground!

Forest School is a child-centred, nature-based learning process. Studies reveal that time spent outdoors will likely improve preschool children’s attention skills, that playing in nature encourages physical activity and imaginative play, and that running and climbing up tree trunks develop children’s strength and coordination.

Encouraging children to take supported risks in a safe environment is the name of the game.

Ready to venture into the wild wonders of outdoor play? Let’s discover why it’s a must for our little explorers’ development:

Nature’s classroom: The great outdoors is a living, breathing classroom offering endless opportunities for hands-on learning and sensory experiences. From counting critters to identifying different tree species, nature nurtures curious minds like no other.

Vitamin N (Nature!): Soak up the sunshine and let the natural world be your playground. Outdoor play boosts Vitamin D levels, supporting strong bones and healthy immune systems. It’s nature’s way of keeping our little ones gleaming like the sun!

Imagination unleashed: In the forest, magic happens. Unstructured outdoor play sparks children’s imaginations, allowing them to transform sticks into wands, leaves into fairy wings, and rocks into buried treasure. Who knows what wonders will be uncovered in this wilderness of make-believe?

Emotional resilience: Forest play cultivates emotional resilience as children navigate natural challenges, whether climbing a tree or overcoming a little mud mishap. It’s where scraped knees become badges of bravery.

Green gym: Say goodbye to indoor boundaries and hello to the freedom of movement! Outdoor play promotes physical fitness and gross motor skills as kids run, jump, and explore in the wide-open spaces of nature’s gym.

Some of our favourite nature-inspired activities…

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items for the little ones to find in the forest, like pinecones, feathers, or interesting-shaped leaves. Let the scavenger hunt commence, and watch as the forest reveals its treasures!

Leaf Art Creations: Collect an assortment of leaves, twigs, and flowers, and let the kids use them to create beautiful leaf art masterpieces.

Butterfly Watching: Bring out the binoculars and butterfly identification guides as you embark on a butterfly-watching adventure. Encourage the kids to spot different butterfly species and observe their fluttering beauty.

Nature Walk and Talk: Take a leisurely stroll through the forest, pointing out different plants and creatures along the way. It’s a perfect opportunity for storytelling and sparking little imaginations!

Embrace the mud, chase the butterflies, and create memories that will bloom like wildflowers!

By Ivy Steele