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Start of term adventures: Tips for welcoming new families

Start of term adventures: Tips for welcoming new families

September is peeking around the corner, and with it comes the buzz of new beginnings. For childminders, this can mean exciting additions to your little tribe. Ready to jump into a seamless onboarding process that spells smooth sailing for new kids and families? Let’s roll!

Contract: When sealing the deal, be sure to include information on any deposit required, notice periods, a settling-in period (we recommend 2-4 weeks), holiday and sickness policies, as well as sprinkling in any house rules for extra clarity.

Policies, procedures & logistics: Your policies are the compass that guides your ship. Have them in place, shipshape and up-to-date. Your DBS, Ofsted, first aid and any training certificates should be available for families to view. Safeguarding and complaints procedures should also be provided, and ideally signed by families.

Also, cover the essentials from allergies to pick-up times, invoice and payment details to what parents should pack for their child, to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Magical meet & greet: Before the term sets sail, a meet-and-greet session can be a lifesaver. Kids get to know their new crew, and families can put faces to names – cue smoother mornings! This might be a good opportunity to discuss and record nap routines, likes and dislikes, and any additional information about your new starters.

Infuse some excitement with stories about what’s in store. Share anecdotes about kids who’ve thrived in your care, and let your enthusiasm shine.

This special day is a great opportunity to exchange sign-in details and get set up on theĀ Childminder App, so families can familiarise themselves with its design and benefits before the fun officially begins!

Childminding treasure map: Have a go-to document that outlines your daily routine and what adventures lie ahead. Parents will feel like co-captains in this shared journey. It’s great to include information about the healthy meals you provide (a ‘sample menu’) within this.

And there you have it, a treasure chest of tips for an easy start to the new term! But wait, we’d love to hear from you too. What are your top tips for making the onboarding process a breeze? Share your wisdom in the comments on our latest Instagram post.

By Ivy Steele