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Sinking your teeth into EYFS oral health guidance

Sinking your teeth into EYFS oral health guidance

Being in our line of work, we’ve seen it all. From tantrums over broccoli to masterpieces in crayon… on the wall. But there’s a detail we mustn’t let slide under the playmat – those pearly white chompers!

Earlier this year the Department for Education dished out some tooth-tastic new oral health guidance. A staggering quarter of our English 5-year-olds have tooth decay. That’s about 3 to 4 teeth! 11% of 3 year olds have visible tooth decay, affecting 3 teeth on average.

So let’s turn a cavity crisis into an adventure!

Here’s the drill (pun intended):

1. Cup chronicles:
   – From 6 months: Let your little ones begin to practice the art of sipping from lidless cups.

   – From 12 months: Ditch those lids altogether! Encourage kiddos to enjoy every gulp from a hatless cup.

2. Promote oral health with pizzazz:

    – How you wave the oral health wand is entirely up to you! Maybe during a self-care session or while discussing the merits of carrots over sweets? Integrate those chompers into chats about how healthy munching might result in more energetic playtimes.

3. Be the guide, not the dentist:

    – We’ve got a list as long as Rapunzel’s hair with ways to aid parents in boosting oral hygiene at home. But remember, we’re to guide, not prescribe. Parents should chat with the real tooth heroes – their dentists – for a deep dive.

How about a little gift that keeps on brushing? Provide a baby toothbrush for each of your mindees. Whether they use it as a brush-wand in your magical setting or take it home to perfect their technique, it’s a win-win!

If a smile is worth a thousand words, we’re here to make sure their every word sparkles!

By Ivy Steele