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"Rain, rain, come and play!" - A childminder's guide to rainy day fun

Rainy days are upon us. But fret not, dear childminders! While the clouds might pour, it’s no reason for the fun to pour away. Here’s how to make the most of those wet weather days, and yes, the kids might even start singing, “Rain, rain, come and stay!”

1. Suit up and step out!

First things first, rainy days don’t mean staying indoors all the time. Fresh air is vital for the little ones, come rain or shine. So, suit ’em up! Wellies, waterproof jackets, and puddle suits at the ready – make sure the tiny tots are geared up to tackle the wet world outside. Jumping in puddles, feeling the rain on their faces, or just a simple walk can be invigorating. Encourage them to channel their inner Peppa Pig. And remember the saying ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’.

2. Indoor treasure hunts

While we do love the outdoors, the indoors can be a treasure trove of adventure. Create a simple treasure hunt. Draw or print out maps, hide toys, and let the little ones unleash their inner pirates. “X marks the spot”, after all!

3. Rain art

Here’s a novel idea: use the rain to your advantage. Place a few drops of watercolour paint on a piece of paper and let the rain do the rest. You’ll be amazed at the abstract wonders nature can create. Once it stops raining, you can bring them inside and let them dry.

4. Kitchen band (for the brave)

Pots, pans, spoons, and the tiny maestros are ready to create some symphony! The rain provides a rhythmic backdrop, while your kitchen supplies turn into instruments. A delightful noisy session awaits.

5. Cosy reading time

There’s something undeniably cosy about reading while the rain patters outside. Create a comfy reading nook with cushions and blankets, and travel to magical lands through the wonders of storytime.

6. Simple sensory play

For the very young ones (0-3 years), sensory play is excellent. Fill a tray with water, let it catch some rain, and add floating toys, measuring cups, and spoons. It’s a splashy delight!

7. Build a fort

Supply blankets, cushions, fairy lights, and voila! A snug little fort is ready. It’s the perfect spot for stories, snacks, or even a wee nap.

8. Nature’s symphony

Finally, take a moment to simply listen. The sound of raindrops, the distant thunder, it’s nature’s own symphony. It can be a calming experience, and a chance to teach kids about the sounds of nature. Bonus points for snail-spotting!

Rainy days can be a gift in disguise. It’s just about perspective and creativity. So next time the clouds gather, remember, it’s not just water falling from the sky, but a cascade of opportunities for fun and learning. Grab those umbrellas, childminders; let’s make rainy days the best days!