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Kid logic: The amusing insights of kids

Kid logic: The amusing insights of kids

As childminders, we have the privilege of witnessing the incredible journey of children as they explore the world around them. One of the most endearing and entertaining aspects of this journey is the unique logic that kids employ to explain everyday phenomena. From their innocent, imaginative and sponge-like minds come explanations that leave us both amazed and amused.

Let’s dive into the world of “kid logic” and explore some common conversation topics:

1. The workings of Mother Nature can shock and confuse us all, not least little ones…

From the sun nodding off behind the clouds each night, wind caused by farting giants, to babies falling out of the sky, kids’ interpretations are as imaginative as they are adorable (often with a dash of gross in the mix). Their charmingly egocentric brains will convince them the moon is a stalker, and did you know that leaves change colour through the seasons due to mood swings?

2. Magical holiday wonders…

Is Father Christmas real? He must be because who ate the mince pies?!

And anyway, elves would be lost without a boss. Still, if they are at a loose end, they could just go live in the Tooth Fairy’s Tooth Castle in the sky. Their sense of magic is beautiful and contagious. Everything is possible.

3. Food.

It’s here children are likely to reveal their most sophisticated skills when it comes to logic and powers of negotiation. The urge to avoid anything green (unless icing) and demolish a restricted diet of cake, ice cream and pizza can inspire the funniest quotes.And simultaneously, the greatest despair.

Here’s the kind of thing we’re talking about.

If you’re convincing enough, you might be able to sell in beans on the very logical grounds that they make you…. You know how this goes.

4. The passing of time…

“Why can’t we fast-forward to the weekend?” Ah, how we wish we could get our hands on that magical remote control for time. In the imaginative world of children, clothes shrink instead of their owners growing, and pre-colour TV, everyday life was actually in black and white!Every day is filled with these charming and ridiculous moments of kid logic that bring smiles and laughter. It’s a reminder of the wonder that children weave into everything they encounter. Inspiration to us all!

What’s the best kid logic you’ve heard lately? Share your favourite stories with us on Instagram! After all, the world is a more joyful place thanks to the colourful reasoning of little minds.

By Ivy Steele