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Fizz, pop, wow! Step into the Childminder's Fun Lab

Fizz, pop, wow! Step into the Childminder's Fun Lab

Attention all childminders with a sense of wonder and a sprinkle of scientific curiosity! Get ready to transform your setting into a magical Fun Lab, where little scientists can explore the wonders of science through simple yet exhilarating experiments. Summer holidays are about to get a whole lot more exciting – here’s our guide on this thrilling scientific journey…

Summer holiday science fun for all ages

Who says science can’t be fun for kids of all ages? We’ve concocted a delightful menu of science experiments that cater to the curious minds of toddlers to the inquisitive tweens. So, roll up your lab coats, don your safety goggles (pretend ones count!), and let’s dive into some easy-peasy science fun!

Bubble Bonanza (Ages 2-5)

Mix some washing-up liquid with water in a shallow container, and invite the little ones to blow bubbles using straws. Watch their eyes light up as they create a rainbow of bubbles and giggle at the magic they’ve created. Pro tip: Add a dash of food colouring to the bubble mixture for extra mesmerising bubbles!

Erupting Volcanoes (Ages 6-8)

Create a volcano with playdough or papier-mâché, leaving a small opening at the top. Inside the volcano, mix baking soda and vinegar, and watch the bubbly lava eruption mesmerise your budding scientists. It’s an explosive way to learn about chemical reactions while having a blast!

Balloon Rockets (Ages 7-11)

Buckle up for a thrilling rocket race in your Fun Lab! Create balloon rockets using a straw, a long piece of string, and a balloon. Tape the straw to the string, and thread the string through the straw. Inflate the balloon and attach it to the straw. Now, hold the string tightly and let go of the balloon. Watch in amazement as the rocket zooms along the string, propelled by the escaping air from the balloon! Challenge the older kids to experiment with different balloon sizes and see which one goes the farthest.

Solar S’mores (Ages 9-11)

Science meets summertime yum with this mouthwatering experiment! Harness the power of the sun to make delicious solar s’mores. Arrange a s’mores-making station, complete with crackers or biscuits, marshmallows, and chocolate. Encourage the older kids to build a solar oven using a cardboard box and aluminium foil, and let the sun work its magic to melt those marshmallows to gooey perfection!

Childminder’s Fun Lab pro tips

Safety first, always: While we embrace the magic of science, let’s remember that safety comes first. Supervise young scientists during experiments and ensure age-appropriate materials are used.

Embrace the mess: Science can be a bit messy, and that’s part of the fun! Embrace the spills, splashes, and giggles as the little ones explore and discover.

Curiosity is key: Encourage questions, observations, and creative thinking throughout the experiments. Science is all about curiosity, and your Fun Lab is the perfect place to nurture it.

Keep it playful: Science experiments are a delightful blend of learning and play. Infuse humour and playfulness into the activities to keep the kids engaged and excited.

Happy experimenting!

By Ivy Steele