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Cool Kids, cool Summer: Beat the heat with our top tips!

Cool Kids, cool Summer: Beat the heat with our top tips!

Hey there, cool childminders! Suddenly, summer has hit the UK with full force, and we know how challenging it can be to keep our little ones comfortable during scorching summer temperatures. So fear not, because we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves that will make you the ultimate heatwave hero!

In this blog, we’ll share a collection of simple and unique tips to keep those kiddos cool, happy, and protected from the sun’s rays. Get ready to dive into a world of icy adventures, refreshing treats, and laughter-filled strategies!

Keeping cool with water play
Sure, water play is a go-to, but let’s spice it up with some unconventional ideas! How about a DIY splash pad using a tarp, some sprinklers, and a few water toys? Or turn your back garden into a water-themed park with inflatable pools, water balloons, a homemade slip ‘n slide, and yes, a classic water fight! Arm yourselves with water guns, sponges, and buckets for an epic battle that will leave everyone laughing and drenched.

Freeze the fun
When it’s scorchio, freezing becomes your best friend. Get those creative juices flowing and freeze some toys, flowers, or even fruits like grapes or watermelon chunks for a chilly and refreshing treat. It’s like a cool treasure hunt as the kids discover the frozen surprises hidden within ice blocks! And while they’re enjoying the icy delights, don’t forget to set up some shade structures or umbrellas to provide a cool respite from the blazing sun.

Frozen treats galore
Yup, we can’t get enough of freezing stuff. Create fruity popsicles, blend up homemade smoothies, or go for a fun DIY ice cream station. Let the kids choose their favourite flavours and toppings to make their frozen treats extra special. Cool down and indulge in icy deliciousness! And don’t forget to emphasise the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day by encouraging the kids to drink plenty of water.

Chill out with cool crafts
Art can be a refreshing adventure too! Try freezing coloured water in ice cube trays, grab some construction paper, and let the kids create masterpieces using the melting ice cubes as their paintbrushes. As the ice melts, stunning works of art will emerge, with the added bonus of a cool sensory experience. And to make the art session even more enjoyable, turn sunscreen application into a game. Have the kids decorate their bodies with fun patterns using SPF, making sun protection a playful and creative experience. Be sure to help them rub it in afterwards, and if all else fails, distraction via any of the other tips should do the trick!

Get ready to be the coolest superheroes in town. With these simple tips, you’ll keep the kids refreshed, entertained, and protected from the sun’s rays during those sizzling summer days. Embrace the fun, let your creativity flow, and remember, staying cool is not just about beating the heat – it’s about creating unforgettable memories, having a laugh, and keeping everyone safe. So, grab your shades, bring out the water toys, and dive into a summer of endless laughter, icy adventures, and SPF-covered fun! With a few added afternoon naps in between 🙂

By Ivy Steele