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Childminding hacks for an easier day-to-day!

Childminding hacks for an easier day-to-day!

We know that being a childminder comes with its fair share of challenges and the occasional bit of chaos. But fear not, because we’re here to equip you with some brilliant hacks and tips that will make life a whole lot easier. From mastering the art of organisation à la Kondo to managing the delightful world of tiny humans and their parents, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to feel smug as we embark on a journey of practical childminding hacks!

The clever setting

Transform your space into a hub of efficiency with these hacks:
  • The “Buddy System”: Pair older kids with younger ones to foster teamwork and support during group activities. It’s like creating mini mentors.
  • Colourful coordination: Organise toys, supplies, and schedules using colour-coded bins or labels; a rainbow of organisation at your fingertips.
  • Label love: Embrace the power of labels to keep everything in its place. From cups to cubbies, clear labelling saves time and eliminates confusion. It’s like having a personal assistant! Bonus points if you get a labelling machine. You’ll feel doubly on top of it all then.

The great outdoors: When all else fails, take the kids outside! The benefits of outdoor play are endless – fresh air, natural exploration, and a chance to burn off excess energy. Plus, the open space provides a change of scenery that can uplift everyone’s spirits.

Behaviour management brilliance

Tackle challenging behaviours with two simple moves:
  • The “Funny Focus”: Use humour to redirect misbehaviour by introducing a funny gesture or catchphrase that brings instant smiles and redirects attention.

Reward charts: Create fun and interactive reward charts to track and celebrate progress. Let children choose rewards that align with their interests and preferences. It’s an exciting and visual way to reinforce positive behaviour and create a sense of achievement.

Parent partnership perfection

Build strong connections with parents using these tips:
  • The communication channel: Establish a dedicated communication platform, such as the Childminder App log, to keep parents informed, share updates, and exchange amusing anecdotes.

“Coffee & Connection” Time: Arrange regular coffee meet-ups or virtual chats for parents to connect, share stories, and foster a supportive community.

Snack time triumphs:

Conquer snack time challenges with these clever hacks:
  • Customisable snack trays: Create trays with different compartments, allowing picky eaters to choose their favourites while promoting independence and exploration.
  • Mealtime magic: Transform ordinary sandwiches and fruits into delightful shapes and characters using cookie cutters. It’s a simple trick that turns meals into edible adventures!

Rolling snack bar: Introduce a rolling snack bar that allows children to select snacks from a variety of options. Use a cart or trolley stocked with healthy choices, giving kids a sense of control and autonomy in making their snack selections. It adds an element of excitement and encourages healthy eating habits. Limit the time your snack bar’s open- to around 30-60 minutes to avoid grazing.

Now go forth, childminding champions, and make each day a little brighter armed with your hacks! We’d love to hear your top tips and suggestions – follow us and comment on Instagram.

By Ivy Steele