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Childminders : Are they born or made ?

Childminders : Are they born or made ?

The recent news story of a community taking over a closing down nursery in rural Scotland highlights the challenges so many communities face when it comes to childcare. It also got us thinking: do childminders who also happen to be parents ‘child mind’ before or after having their own children? And do they stop when their kids get big, or carry on because it’s their vocation?

For many childminders, caring for children is a calling, a vocation that they pursue whether or not they have their own children. They love working with children and take pride in providing a safe, nurturing environment for them to grow and learn. And for those who do have their own children, being a childminder is a way to balance their love for their own kids with their passion for caring for others. We know childminders who mix caring for their children with others within their setting, enabling them to parent full-time while earning money.

The Childminder App is a tool that supports childminders in pursuing their passion for caring for children. With features like EYFS progress logging and activity tracking, childminders can provide high-quality care for the children in their charge while also keeping parents informed and engaged. And with the app’s messaging and photo-sharing features, childminders can stay connected with parents throughout the day, no matter where they are.

For childminders, the Childminder App offers a powerful tool for building their business and connecting with families. Whether they’re just starting out or have been in the business for years, the app provides a platform for showcasing their services, building their reputation, and connecting with parents who are looking for high-quality childcare.

So whether childminders are childminders before or after having their own children, one thing is clear: their passion for caring for children is unwavering. With the Childminder App, we’re here to support your passion by equipping you with the tools you need to deliver the best possible care for the children in your charge.

Download the app today. If you already have, we’d love to hear your thoughts – please get in touch via the contact form on our homepage!

By Ivy Steele