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Autumn antics: Ways to welcome the golden season with kids

Autumn antics: Ways to welcome the golden season with kids

As we bid farewell to summer’s sun, water fights and ice creams, let’s welcome the cosy embrace of autumn, a season bursting with opportunity and excitement for our kiddos. From the rustling of fallen leaves to the spicy scent of cinnamon, autumn is a sensory carnival for children. Let’s dive into why this season is such a wonderland and, of course, some fun and engaging activities to ensure our little ones reap its full benefits.

Reasons to love autumn:

1. Nature’s palette: Autumn paints the world in fiery hues of orange, red, and golden yellow. It’s like living in a magical fairy tale, with trees turning into grand torches.

2. Fun fashion: After months of t-shirts and shorts, kids now get to accessorise with scarves, hats, wellies. Dress-up time, anyone?

3. Crunchy paths: That satisfying crunch of dried leaves underfoot; it’s like nature’s bubble wrap!

Activities to celebrate autumn’s arrival:

1. Leaf Collection and Crafts:

  • Leaf rubbings: Place a leaf under a paper and gently colour over it with crayons.
  • Leaf collage: Collect different shapes and colours of leaves and make a collage.
  • Nature’s bookmark: Laminate a perfect leaf or a collection of tiny ones to craft an autumn-inspired bookmark.

2. Nature walk:

  • Revel in the beauty of autumn by taking a nature walk in a park or woodland area.

It’s a chance for kids to observe the changes in their environment, collect pinecones, or spot squirrels prepping for winter.

3. Pumpkin fun:

  • Pumpkin painting: For a less messy alternative to carving, let kids paint faces or scenes on pumpkins.
  • Pumpkin seeds: If you do carve, don’t discard the seeds! Roasting them with a touch of salt offers a crunchy snack and a lesson about minimising waste.

4. Conker games:

  • Classic conker fights and competitions, or making conker necklaces are fun ways to utilise these shiny seeds.

5. Baking and cooking:

  • Embrace the flavours of the season. Make apple pies, pumpkin muffins, or hearty vegetable soups. Invite children to be your sous-chefs, teaching them about seasonal produce.

6. Create a weather journal:

  • Autumn offers a mix of sunny, windy, and rainy days. Let kids maintain a weather journal, drawing each day’s weather and noting the temperature.

7. Build a bird feeder:

  •  As food becomes scarcer, our feathered friends might appreciate some treats. Craft simple bird feeders from pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed.

Childminders, this season is ripe with opportunities to teach, engage, and enjoy. While the days might be growing shorter, the potential for fun and discovery is limitless.

Happy autumnal adventures!

By Ivy Steele