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Adding a gentle sprinkle of spook to October's activities

Adding a gentle sprinkle of spook to October's activities

October is here; a whirlwind of autumn leaves, pumpkin spice, with a side helping of spook. While our little ones might not be ready for full-on ghostly encounters, there’s a cauldron full of autumnal fun waiting for them!

Grab your witchy hats and magic wands, because here’s our pick of boo-tiful activities that will make even the smallest of vampires giggle with glee…

1. Leafy autumn art:


– Leafy ghosts: Grab some leaves (the bigger the better), paint them white, and draw on a cute ghost face! Voila, nature’s very own spook squad.
– Handprint trees: Add a dab of red, orange, and yellow paint to those tiny palms, and you’ve got the seeds for a perfect autumn tree. Fingerprint apples are optional.


2. Pumpkin party:


– Mini pumpkin painting: While carving might be for the older monsters, let the littles turn mini pumpkins into colourful masterpieces.
– Pumpkin playdough: Whip up some orange playdough, add a dash of pumpkin spice, and let the multisensory fun unfold.


3. Baking cauldron:


– Spooky shortbread biscuits: Grab some Halloween-themed cookie cutters (ghosts, pumpkins, bats), bake to a simple shortbread recipe, and whip out the icing pens to add ghost faces, pumpkin eyes, and so on.
– Halloween marshmallow pops: Stick lollypop sticks in jumbo marshmallows and supply milk buttons, sprinkles, and edible pens. Deco Melts are great for this – get orange and green, melt them down and cover your marshmallows to make pumpkin and Frankenstein heads. Leave white for ghosts, and let the littles take over decoration (and consumption!)

4. Cobwebby games:

– Spider web walking: Tape a large web on the floor and encourage those tiny feet to walk on the lines. Added challenge: avoid the toy spiders!
– Pumpkin patch treasure hunt: Hide mini pumpkins or pumpkin-themed toys for a festive game of finders-keepers.

5. Nature’s lullabies:

– Autumnal story time: Cozy up with tales of squirrels, falling leaves, and the magic of autumn. Maybe even a gentle ghost story for the brave?
– Leaf crunching dance: There’s nothing like the sound of leaves crunching underfoot. Let the kiddos stomp, dance, and revel in nature’s own symphony.

So, fellow child-wranglers, while the world goes mad for mummies and monsters, let’s give our mini-maestros a festive, fun, and mildly spooky season to remember.

And if you do manage to conjure a friendly ghost or two, ask them to help with the cleanup!

By Ivy Steele