Stay connected at all times

Did my kid eat her peas at lunch today?

Has my darling boy had a good nap?

Did my child poo today??

Leaving young children in the care of others can be scary. What are they doing? Are they safe?

The Childminder App helps childminders and parents stay connected throughout the day. Childminders can share a child's photos, activities, food diaries and other vital information to their parents or carers.

EYFS progress (for the UK users) can be easily logged in-app. The logs are displayed in the app for parents. And childminders can download or share the report as supporting documentation for an Ofsted inspection. There is no need to do reports on a computer, you do it all on the go.

We are still in the early phases and we're gathering a lot of feedback and ideas so we can make improvements. So please get in touch via the "Help & Support" option in the app.

Happy childminding!

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